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Short Bio

    Michael Andritsopoulos is a composer from Greece. He was born in 1981 and for the time being, he lives and works in Athens. He has completed his studies on  Classical Theory and Harmony, Counterpoint  and Fugue and continued with temporary composition techniques and electro acoustic music at the Musical Praxis Conservatory in Athens.

   He dealt with classical guitar and piano, and reached an advanced level. In addition, he has the adequacy in electric guitar (100/100 on grade 8) as well as in classical and popular music theory, from London College of Music, of Thames Valley University.

  His compositions have framed a number of documentaries as well as several theatrical representations by various theater companies, while he worked on the album of his folk rock band as a songwriter. A lot of his instrumntal pieces have been awarded in international competitions, but also some of his painting and literary attempts have been distinguished as well.

    His work, from the viewpoint of orchestral thought, is dominated by a post- impressionistic element, woven with innovatory approaches, and is also characterized by a mystic- metaphysical tendency.

Today he is a Theory of Music and Guitar Professor, and the writer of an electric guitar learning method.

   Full CV



  • FLCM in Composition from West London University

  • DipLCM in Electric Guitar from West London University

  • National Diploma in Composition

  • Modern music composition for film at SAE with David Hentschel

  • Adequacy (grade 8) in Popular Music Theory by London  College of Music (LCM) of

  • Thames Valley University (West London University now)

  • Adequacy (grade 8) in Classical Music Theory by LCM

  • Adequacy (grade 8) in electric guitar (100/100) by Registry of guitar tutors of LCM

  • Classical guitar studies

  • Piano studies

  • Conducting course (1 year) with Michalis Economou

  • One year seminar in Composition (Th.Antoniou, A.Philippakopoulos, F.Kossona,A.Antonopoulos)



    Greek:                          Native

    English:                        Fluent

    Italian:                          Moderate

    French:                         Basic

    German:                       Basic






· Guitar tutor at Saint Athanasius youth center (2 years)

· Guitar, bass guitar and music theory and harmony tutor  at Mousiki Dimiourgia conservatory

    (3 years)

· Guitar tutor and music theory and harmony στο at National Conservatory ,

   branch of Nea Smirni (4 years)

· Guitar and theory tutor at Akropolis conservatory (1 year)

· Guitar and theory tutor at Orpheus conservatory (2 years)

· With Galliard Syndrome band, 13 years of live gigs and shows in Athens

· Composer of the original music of eight theatrical plays and two musicals  in Athens


.  Album release with the title "Soundscapes" .FM records, available on iTunes, Amazon etc







·         Praise at the national opera composition contest, in ancient Greek by the  name

          ‘‘Helike Athanatos’’ (duration: 105 minutes), that took place in Aigion, Greece in 2010.

·       ‘‘Film music ’’ award at the 4th international composition contest arranged by the

           conservatory Fountouli, with the duet  ‘‘Daydreaming’’.

·       Chamber orchestra award with the piece of music ‘‘Rehearsal’’ at the same contest.

·       1st praise at the category ‘‘Chamber music’’, with the music piece ‘‘The Golden number Φ’’

           at the same contest.

·       Acoustic Guitar award, with the music piece ‘‘Mount of Olives’’, at the 9th Winter Guitar

         Festival that took place in Volos, Greece.

·       1st prize at the annual electric guitar contest at Mike’s Irish Barin Athens Tower building.

·       Golden medal at the annual composition contest at the municipality of Sykies at Thessaloniki,

        including commendation of prize and the title of ‘‘Honorary Associate of the American National

         Academy of Music’’, with the soprano and piano music piece ‘‘Quando la noτte verra’’.

·       Short story publication which was qualified at the 1st short story contest arranged by the

         cultural association called ‘‘Edessa’s Book Friends’’ in 2008.

·       Short story award, concerning the child perspective on the world, at the contest

          arranged by, and publication by the publishing house called Eleftheroudakis.

·       10% scholarship at AKTO art and design college (twice) by the design contest arranged by the

          magazine ‘‘9’’ of Eleftherotipia press.

·       Tour with the band ‘‘Galliard Syndrome’’ .

·       Concert with the band to boost the NGO ‘‘SOS children’s villages’’.

·       Orchestrator and conductor of the choir at the CD ‘‘All Together’’ which was recorded for

         the NGO ‘‘Organisation of Novel Acts’’, and was powered by Vodafone.

·       Writer of the guitar learning method called ‘‘ Kitharmonia’’.(Guitharmony)

.       Member of Mensa, Ingenium HIQS, UNIQ, THIS and 4G High IQ Societies (>160 sd 15)

·       Inventor of an apparatus that makes a double glass frame into a mirror.

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