Works and samples

Ensemble  music

Orchestral  music

1.       Percussion concerto – Africa (ballet)





               Presto Finale

2.       Piano concerto No.1                              

3.       Viola Fantasia                                        

4.       The Scrapman-soundtrack                    

5.       Celtic Dances                                                      

6.       Little Prince scenes                             

7.       Piano Fantasia                                         ​​

8.       Opera “Helike Imortal”

9.       “Textures” symphony

Experimental  music

      Friend or Foe - for piano, viola and clarinet in Bb


      Creative procedure - for piano solo (musical theatre)


      Five - for nine instruments and five dancers  


      Prometheus - for baritone, clarinet  in Bb and piano

      ID - for two instuments (musical theatre)

      Green song - for violin, bass clarinet and piano

      Microtonal fugues - for string quartet


            fuga I

            fuga II

            fuga III

            fuga IV

       Golden ratio "Φ" - for violin, viola and piano

       Chairs - for piano (musical theatre)

Pop - Rock  music

I've been in many bands through the years but with Galliard Syndrome I've stayed the most (almost 13 years) as the main songwriter and lead guitarist. Here is some videos from gigs and solos.